A Day with a Perfect Stranger- David Gregory

One of my housemates has been a saint and listened to me rant about all the books I’ve read this semester.  In between some required books I’ve managed to fit in a few Mitch Albom’s novels as well.  Now that the semester is over, my housemate and I have agreed to keep each other up on our reading, whether we have to mail the books to one another.  A couple days ago she lent me one of David Gregory’s novels and I was wrapped in at the first paragraph.

This semester is to be my last semester of college.  It is natural for one, such as myself, to want to explore everything the world has to offer.  So when I read the lines:

I never thought I’d become the kind of woman who would be glad to leave her family.  No that I wanted to abandon them, exactly.  I was just glad to get away for a few days.  Or longer in the case of one of them.

I took this as a girl looking to explore a world away from home, not abandon her family, but just get away.  Yeah, this isn’t what the book was about.  Reading on it was about Mattie, a wife who wants to divorce her husband, Nick, because of his new found faith.  Mattie meets a stranger on an airplane who she thinks is on her side of a particular religious matter.   The talk of religion comes up and they both agree that they are not fond of it, until Jay (the stranger) makes a point that religion and a relationship with God isn’t the same thing.  A lot of what Jay had said really struck my fancy.  Particularly the part about the human soul.

Because people’s souls are never filled up by human relationships.  There is the initial thrill of romance and the chemical high that accompanies it, all of which is great.  But that wears off.  Eventually people settle into a relationship and find that it can’t meet their heart’s deepest longings.  It wasn’t meant to, so it’s no surprise, really, that it doesn’t.

To really understand the meaning of this passage, I would highly suggest you pick the book up.  It is a quick read, but it is a great read.


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The End of Young Adult Literature

When I first started this blog it was for my Young Adult Literature class (refer to first post and/or the About section).  As the semester is over here at Washington State University, I have to say that this  was by far my favorite class.  I didn’t know what I was getting my self into when the semester started, but the by the end, it was the best.

The class not only made you think about books in a different context, but it made you really interact with your classmates.  Every class that I have taken throughout my entire college career (combined) doesn’t amount to how much I had spoken this semester in Young Adult Literature.  Some might think that is a bad thing, but the conversations that took place were definitely memorable ones.  It really helped that we had so many different personalities, all of them standing out.

If you are looking for an English class to take at WSU, I highly recommend Young Adult Literature.  Like myself, you’ll even make a handful of friends out of it.

Thank you Crag for such a great semester!


Crossing my fingers that this is my last semester- one aspect from the past seventeen weeks or so: is to keep this blog going.  This class has reintroduced me to the greatness of a book, from any genre.  My housemate, Bridget Slaybaugh, lent me A Day with a Perfect Stranger by David Gregory.  I am halfway through it, and for blogs sake you can be expecting a post about it!

Happy Reading my fellow Book Worms!

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The Uglies- Scott Westerfeld

The class activity for this novel was a lot of fun and very interesting.  We were each handed a sheet of paper of various physical qualities a person can obtain and we had to circle a particular quality that we viewed perfect for our sex.  Then, we had to switch our papers with a person of the same sex and we all stood up.  If we obtained a quality of perfection than we were to keep standing. If we didn’t, we were to sit down.  Needless to say all but five people (if that) were left standing after the first physical trait.  It just goes to show that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

This book was definitely something interesting.  I mean, who could possibly think of a world where the Surge gives you this massive makeover at the age of sixteen! As if the minds of young teens aren’t impressionable enough, this book should definitely be kept out of a classroom.  Not say that it encourages it by any means, but like Wintergirls, this book could make themselves or even think about doing something drastic to themselves.  I couldn’t believe that children from 12-16 years old were considered Ugly.  I guess that if they were going for control, that would be a good way to do it.  Lets just totally ruin these children’s ego and make them utterly self conscious to the point where they are more than willing to be pretty and will listen to whatever you say.  Solid plan. Total sarcasm.

I enjoyed this book more than others in the futuristic series, but the whole idea of such a world seriously gives me the heeby-jeebies.

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Protected: Making Memories. Chapter 1 revised.

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Ship Breaker- Paolo Bacigalupi

Besides the author’s last name, I would say that there was nothing appealing about this book .


Main plot was generic-  Just like every futuristic novel. New Orleans was underwater- I want to go there so the image of this historical place submerged didn’t tickle me pink.  Some scenes happened too quick in addition to it feeling somewhat rushed.  I shouldn’t have brought this book with me on my travels.  Bacigalupi could have done a better job at giving some background knowledge on the setting- though there was good dialog and development of characters.  A lot of unanswered questions- I found myself asking “What does that mean?” or “What is that?” too often thinking that I would get those answers.

Considering this book was assigned over break, I sincerely think that this book and Book Thief should have been switched around.  I would have rathered read the Book Thief over break because: 1) That book was super long and needed the extra time and 2) It has more depth to it which I enjoyed.

Needless to say I am happy to have put the book down.  As I stated in Feed, I am not a fan of the futuristic genre.  Here’s to hoping the Uglies is a little better!


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Protected: Making Memories- Chapter 1

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Feed- M.T. Anderson

First off, this was the coolest class activity, besides my own of course.  I thought it was so neat to be able to text our statements and such to this number and just have it displayed on the screen. I wish that Roger and Katie had planned more or incorporated that feature more.  Considering that this was a futuristic work, I think that this was a great way to go into this segment of books.


But can I just say that while I am writing this review I have Taylor Swift on the television telling me about this great new foundation that she uses and because she uses it, it must be amazing and I will probably get one of her old boyfriends if I use it.  Oh wait, a food commercial just came on the television. All of a sudden I feel hungry… I waited too long to get off the couch, but now there’s a fitness commercial on making me feel fat for just sitting on the couch.  Wow… the lengths our consumer based society will go to!


This book really shed some light as to how bad consumerism really is in this country, but I am not a fan of the futuristic genre myself, and will just continue to read books about optimistic teenagers and young girls who are really werewolves.  Enjoy the ads brought to you by Consumerism!

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